Isaac Lowe, Broker

From a very young age I believed that my path to happiness would come from helping others in some way or another. Early on, I discovered a vast interest in learning about business and financial literacy. Ever since, my free time is spent acquiring and absorbing as much knowledge as I can about every facet of these areas.

At 18, I started a seasonal landscaping company and that grew my passion immensely. While operating the business, I began to see what “home” meant to people and then thought of real estate as the perfect vehicle for me to help people while continuing to learn and grow professionally and personally.

Starting off as an assistant broker showed me I knew I had found what I wanted to do. There is something special about getting to know you and being able to help at such a significant time in your life.

Being a Licensed Broker has given me the opportunity to learn and grow substantially in this industry. I am passionate about helping you find the perfect investment property for your portfolio, or guiding you through the process of buying your dream home so that you can enjoy the Oregon coast just as I do!

Licensed in the State of Oregon 201241899

Office Phone Number: 541-265-2200

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