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Laren Leland

Buying and selling real estate might seem intimidating at first, but when you have the right support it has the potential to be a very exciting endeavor. I'd love to help you.

I work to empower my clients. I do this by teaching you what you need to know to make confident decisions. We work together to make your transactions successful.

I believe in stewardship of the environment in all areas of life. This starts at home with energy efficient upgrades, using sustainable materials, planting pollinator gardens, and installing native landscaping. I’m an Earth Advantage Certified Broker, a former OSU Master Gardener, and a beekeeper! I can connect you to resources that take these considerations into account.

In addition to working as a broker, I also manage a portfolio diverse estates as part of my family's business. This gives me a wide range of experience: preparing properties for sale, updating homes for renters, and setting up listings for vacation rentals.

Community engagement is very important to me. To this end, I organize the Pollinator Restoration Project: Central Oregon Coast. We are a community organization working with Lincoln County and ODOT to improve pollinator habitat along the Highway 101 corridor from Yachats to Newport. I also volunteer with and I’m on the planning committee for Yachats Pride.

Turn the Tide is a radio show I host on public radio, 91.7 KYAQ. It features interviews with local people who are actively working for the betterment of the environment.

I’d love to be the real estate broker that fits your network and is part of your community for years to come.

By the way, you can call me, "Leland." It's easier!

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Office Phone 541.265.2200
Cellphone 503.883.1511
Fax 541.574.7922

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